Our Lab

Where your ideas and our support join forces to launch the next wave of innovative, lean blockchain startups.

Our Process

Our streamlined, benefits-driven approach was created to help our community of entrepreneurs, stakeholders and freelancers build successful lean blockchain startups smartly, legally, and efficiently. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Build a vision

Entrepreneurs should come up with a thoughtful, researched startup idea, and find co-founders who believe in their vision.

Step 2

Apply to join

In order to join The Lab, startups will go through an application process in which they’ll have to submit a solid business model, a strategy, initial research, and additional pieces of information to our team.

Step 3

Systematic Vetting

We do a deep dive, researching and analyzing each startup that applies, and we accept only those startups that are interesting, useful, executable, competent, legal and high-potential.

Step 4

Success Milestones

Once admitted, startups gain access to a huge number of resources including seed funding, research, productivity tools, marketing platforms, project management resources, legal guidance, testers, and our freelance talent pool (to name a few). All of our resources are designed to help our startups graduate from one Success Milestone to the next and reach MVP (Minimum Viable Product) + MVM (Minimum Viable Market) quickly.

Step 5

Set up an ICO

With a MVP + MVM in place, our startups will be ready to graduate from The Lab! Our team will help each startup develop a strategy for their ICO and connect them with our community of potential stakeholders.

Our Features

We offer a host of resources and tools designed to help you build lean startups quickly and strategically. Features include:

Our Network

The Talent Marketplace

Use our marketplace to find talented freelancers that have the skills your startup needs to reach MVP. We have an engaged marketplace of talent that is willing to work on short or long-term projects for liquid crypto or bounties.

Community Forum

Network, share ideas and connect with enthusiastic blockchain entrepreneurs, potential stakeholders, and tech-enthusiasts!

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