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We are an incubator platform that helps entrepreneurs, stakeholders and freelancers launch lean blockchain startups together.

You Have the Idea. We Have the Resources. Let’s Scale Together.

We provide massive benefits to every member of our community so together we can launch successful blockchain startups that will change the world as we know it.

In short, we:
What other lab does that? None that we know of…

Here’s How it Works


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to launch your blockchain startup. You bring your business plan, core team, and passion. Together we will help to grow your blockchain startup from seed stage to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) using lean startup methods. Then, we will help connect you to stakeholders and strategic partners within the Scalable Labs community who can provide additional funding and guidance.

Potential Stakeholders

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you need to invest in the next big startups. We do the heavy-lifting for you to help minimize your risk. No more wild west here. We enforce an extreme vetting process for each startup that applies to our platform. Once accepted, each startup must pass a series of success milestones and reach Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before it is deemed ready for funding. Then, stakeholders get exclusive early access to pre-token sales at a discounted rate. Get your foot in the door first with startups that seek to revolutionize industries.


Get exposure

you need to get hired by tech companies. Designer? Marketing Guru? Translator? You have the expert guidance and capabilities that our startups need! We have a rich network of entrepreneurs looking for talent across a range of fields. Network and develop meaningful relationships, choose the project(s) you want to work on, and earn liquid tokens or bounties in exchange. That one week project might be the best investment of time you’ve ever made.

Our Advisors

Mark S A Smith
Mark S A Smith | Business Development Advisor

Mark joined the Scalable Labs team in 2017 as a trusted Business Development Advisor. He is an executive coach, author of 14 books, professional speaker and business owner with a background in engineering, sales and business. He believes that success in teamwork, marketing, and sales comes from intentional, smart change management and systems thinking. Over the course of his career, Mark has implemented strategies using proprietary models + methods that have helped tech giants like IBM, HP and Microsoft achieve rapid sales growth and increased market share quickly and sustainably. In his spare time, Mark likes to play his instruments (guitar, bass, keys, drums and he can even sing!), cook and hike. His crowning achievement is raising five Millennial children-- none of whom live at home.

Rick Nassar
Rick Nassar | Startup Advisor

Rick Nassar is a Startup Advisor at Scalable Labs. He is also a blockchain & IoT startups analyst, YouTuber, crypto enthusiast, social entrepreneur, Startup Weekend facilitator and a writer at Irish Tech News & Crypto Coin News. Over the course of his career, he has taken on advisory roles for a number of blockchain startups including the Ireland-based Bitcoin Marketing Team. He is one of the core team members at the Blockchain Association of Ireland, and as a result of his work, Rick has been named “One of the Top 50 Tech Movers & Shakers in Ireland” by Business & Finance Magazine in 2017.

Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto
Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto | External Advisor

Giovanni is an External Advisor at Scalable Labs and a blockchain strategist, entrepreneur and ICO specialist. He is a co-founding team member and Chief Commercial Officer at Hedge and lead External Advisor and Investor to Adbank , Lucyd and Enkidu. His skill set spans from traditional finance to tokenomics, ideation, implementation, networking and business development through to commercialization and monetization of concepts and fintech related products. He is an evangelist for blockchain technology and its value adding use-cases.

Matt Kita
Matt Kita | Legal Advisor

Matt is a Legal Advisor at Scalable Labs. He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013 and has been a HODLer ever since. A corporate attorney by trade, Matt has combined his legal background with his passion for cryptocurrencies to build an understanding of the many complex and ever-changing issues that face the crypto industry. He has represented numerous blockchain companies from their initial whitepaper through to their initial offerings.

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